Personalized Videos

I offer completely personalized videos to make your fantasy come true!

Let me know what you want in your video, and I can make it happen just for you!

Your video can star me, or me and my friends.

Don’t be shy! 

  1. How much does it cost

    Price varies depending on many factors, but the starting price is $300 for 5 minutes.  Price varies depending on how complex your request is, what you want the video to contain, if I need to hire additional talent or purchase special items.

  2. How do I pay?

    I accept multiple payment methods, and we will discuss these via email after you submit your personalized video request.

  3. How long do I have to wait for my video?

    4-8 weeks is the standard timeframe.  Again this will vary depending on the complexity of the request.  

    In most circumstances you can request a rush delivery  (2-4 weeks) for an additional cost.  

  4. How do you deliver my videos

    Videos are delivered online, in stunning 1080P.  You will receive a link with a password to your video.  Only you will receive this password.

  5. Do I own the rights to my video?

    No, I own these rights. I reserve the right to re-purpose your video in any form I see fit (I can use it on my OnlyFans, on my website, etc.  But, I will never post your video in its entirety, there will always be something special in the shoot that is cut out of the video should I post it elsewhere.   If you don’t want me to potentially re-purpose your video, (i.e. if you’d like to be the only one ever to watch it) this can be negotiated.  There is a significant additional charge for this.

  6. What won’t I do in my videos?

    I won’t do scat, piss, roman showers, bestiality, underage, or anything illegal.  This list is not all-inclusive.  We will discuss any limitations via email prior to payment.

  7. Can you say my name?

    Yes! I will always say your name in the introduction to the video (unless you don’t want this).  I can also say your name throughout the video, for an additional charge. 

  8. Can I request you to wear certain clothing or use certain items in the video?

    Yes!  Clothing requests can typically be accommodated, with the cost of the clothing added to the video fee.  The same goes for the use of particular items in a video (a specific dildo, piece of equipment, etc.); these can typically be accommodated for the price of the item and an additional fee.

  9. I want to buy the clothing that you wore in the video.  Is this possible?

    Yes!  If you would like to purchase my worn panties or lingerie from the video, indicate this is the contact form/or during our email exchange.  This is possible, for the cost of the clothing plus an additional charge.

  10. Can I see samples of your work?

    Yes!  But for obvious reasons I cannot just send you the videos that I have shot for others.  You can find samples of my custom content on my Onlyfans page.  You can see samples of my professional content on my Clips & Videos page.